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When potential tenant reply, should I call them or ask them to call?

When a potential tenant reply to a Craiglist posting for rental home, should I give my home phone number or cell phone number and ask the potential tenant to call me or I should as for their phone number and call them to start?  What is best way?  Thanks in advance.

This is a good question because there are so many scammers out there today. A great way to speak to a tenant is to not give any of your personal info away but set up and open house for renters to stop by and look at the place. Try to schedule all appointments for the same day. This does a few things, it gives you a chance to meet the tenant in person if they are serious enough, it tends to be more public so that no one needs to worry about a dangerous situation, and if you fill the day with appointments it has a higher demand. The tenant that really want the rental will act quick due to so many people being there. Good Luck
Dear Mohammad,  You can obviously call them first, but for more comfortable communication with tenants and providing safety for you, I would recommend to use online tenant screening service, just like this one: This is modern way to communicate with tenant, to check their credit story or background check without any additional fees. Try it!
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