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How do I screen a Foreign tenant w/ work visa?

I have a potential tenant from France that would like to apply for a 2bed apartment in Easton, PA. Her company is relocating and paying the rent. Her contract with the company is for 18 months. She doesn't have a Social Security # for now. Her only documentation is her passport. She does have references from a past landlord in the US (California) from 2 years ago. Other than verify employment, how can we check on background.?

Hello Valeria, Unfortunately through the service that we offer and the top 3 credit bureaus in the US, to scree a person for criminal and credit you will need a US SS#. You may need to get their references or see if there is an international screening agency or more specifically a French Screening Service you can do. We do apologize for the inconvenience, but if you are more interested in the service that we do offer please visit our tenant screening page or contact Trans Unio Credit Bureau directly through
Thank you for the reply. I use/have used your screening services for my other tenants and I'm very pleased with the service.  thanks again Val
Valeria V, why don't you consider hiring a property management company? They know the efficient techniques to carry out a thorough tenant screening. My real estate agents at Cloud Real Estate are very proficient in this work.
Work visa holders are eligible for SSN's though. Check
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