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Online Credit Check/Application

I am curious to getfeed back on the use of the EZ landlord/TransUnion  credit check/background/eviction service and the free rental application that comes with it.

I will have like 10 prospects fill out the application i have on hand and hand it back to me before they leave the showing. Then i look through each one and i choose 5 to screen. Because email address is on my original application, i can send the five i am interested in a tenant screening request. Then i will choose one and screen further by contacting employer and previous landlords and references. Then once that is done and i like the person i choose them. The screening makes things so much quicker for me and i can compare all the prospects when the results come in.
Thanks for the feedback.Do you pay for the screening or have the applicants pay? And if it's the applicants do you refund the ones you do not rent to?
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