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Commercial Mortgage

Looking for a commercial mortgage lender.  My property is in Maine and in excess of 4 units so a conventional residential mortgage wont do.  I am currently on a 5 year ARM and want to get into something with a fixed rate.  Any information and pointers would be appreciated.

I have found a lender in the past from this site they do have a resource for lender divided by state. Here is a link: This may help or at least give you a good lead. I also Like Reddit's Realestate forum for advice and direction on where to go. I hope this helps.
To be honest I have used and consulted with WellsFargo for years and they have helped me get the loans that I have needed for most of the properties that I own. I am very happy with them and their mortgage team that I work with. It really is about building a  relationship.
Thanks Patty, I appreciate the insight.
Thanks Derrick, I appreciate the help.
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