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Security Deposit Refunds

How much can I deduct from a security deposit for repairs, cleaning carpet, oven,changing locks, replacing blown lightbulbs, etc. prior to returning any portion of the security deposit after the end of a 12-month lease?  Do I have to show invoice for adjustment to the security deposit?  I paid cash to have the place painted and I performed some work myself? Is there a certain market price that I am not allowed to exceed for repairs I done myself and paid others to do?

You can use this form -                                                                                                                                                                                      Then list all of the repairs - including how much they cost.
If you paid cash you will still need a receipt for the work performed. Also, you cannot charge to change the locks unless the tenant failed to return all keys they were given at move-in. You should have a key deposit listed in your lease to cover replacing the keys but this is usually used as incentive to get the tenant to comply with the key return. There are certain types of locks that you can buy that make changing the keys to a lock as simple as turning a key to remove one lock cylinder and then installing a new cylinder. You cannot charge for your labor, only for the cost of materials that you used in the work that you performed. If you paid someone cash and got no receipt then consider their pay an option to you performing the labor yourself. You would want a receipt to write off repairs on your taxes wouldn't you? Same thing applies to taking money off the deposit returned, receipts ALWAYS!
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