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Can I add additional water charge to the rent in MYC

I will be making a new lease for new tenants.  Can I add additional $30.00 in addition to rent in  a  NYC Lease for "water charge" for 2 people.  This is estimated based on 2 people in each apartment and half of the bill comes out to about $30.00 monthly even though I get bill every 3 months of about $180.00.  I only have one meter therefore can't give exact. What is the law regarding this.  thanks for your help

If you are going to add the water bill to the amount in the lease just add it as an increases rent price. Think of it like when a place has tax included in the price of a product. It is a rounded figure that includes everything with out having to have an exact amount.
Hey Steven M I help run my uncles building and that same problem has happened to me. I found out a better solution to prevent water loss over a period of time. I was able to save 30% per apartment per year on our water bill with the help of the water scrooge 516-545-0311  its helped us save over $500 per apartment per year.
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