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New lease with a new depoist for an existing tenant?

I have had a tenant in one half of a duplex for going on 2 years. When she initially signed the lease, she didn't have enough for the deposit, so I allowed her to paint the interior and do a few other odd jobs, in lieu of the deposit.  Now I plan to renew the lease, and in addition to increasing the rent, I plan to require a deposit.  I was wondering if anyone had ever done anything like this, and if there were any issues.  Also, this same tenant has appeared to have allowed someone else to receive mail at her unit.  I don't see any signs of another person actually moving in, so I am thinking they are just using it as an address for some reason (perhaps they were between permanent housing, want their kids in a different school, etc)

As far as the mail thing, the only way I would know is by looking in the mailbox.  She puts her rent checks in there, but is there still a crime / issue with me being in her mailbox?
Now onto the person receiving mail there--she may be subletting and collecting from a State source or even rent from this person; or it could be that the person wants her kids in a specific school. In any case, it's fraud and you need for it to stop. Bottom line--your Tenant is not being fair or truthful with you. Have you asked her about it? Communicate!
Is this a Tenant you want to retain? Or are you willing to have an overturn with possible vacancy? Communication is key if you want to retain this person. Tell her of the increase (most States require 30 notice prior to effective date) and that you must have a deposit with the new lease. You could let her pay that over 6-10 months. I would never suggest a year to pay. Would this be a hardship for her to pay for the deposit in payments and an increase? If so, maybe you agree upon a 2-year lease; the first 6-10 mos of the new lease extra payments made to go against the deposit; then start the increase after 10-mos. Of course the time frame needs to allow for the amount of the deposit. If your deposit matches the rent like mine do, then 10 months should suffice. If this isn't a Tenant you want to retain--present her a new lease with 60 days effective notice and if she doesn't sign it, then send her a Notice to Quit or Notice of Non-Renewal. 60 Days is a very good notice and gracious of you. On the whole--NEVER LET TENANTS TRADE-OUT. It leads you to this kind of turmoil. It's a business.
No suggestions? :)  I was hoping I wasn't the first landlord to have a situation like this :P
Is there any way I can tell the tenant that I know someone is getting mail there?   I happened to notice the sticker in the mailbox that had 2 names listed, and one wasn't of the person on the lease.  Thanks
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