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Our tenant moved in with promises to keep the lawn free and clear of dog poop as it is a shared lawn with the neighbors (one who has a child who plays outside) and it is not MY job to clean this up. It is so bad that we are getting complaints of a smell and our lawn guy is having problems cutting the grass. I want to charge a fee per poop left on the property; just like other public places do. Any idea what to charge and what to do to make this stop?

Easy. Tell the tenant that if this continues, you will not renew the lease. Additionally, most communities have a local ordinance regarding cleaning up after ones pet. Next time it happens, call the police and file a complaint.
Could hire a company that does poop removal and charge the tenant.
I live in San Antonio and have actually seen a company that specializes in pet waste removal from the yard. See if that service is available in your community. In the meantime, write them a breach of lease violation letter. Assess a fine as allowed from your lease. File a report with the authorities and the city.
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