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Eviction process in DC

Hello everyone, I recently evicted a tenant in Virginia and it looks like I need to start the process in DC. Does anyone know the procedure for DC. IN VA I sent them a 5 day letter for payment, then a 30 day notice to move out and submitted it to the courts. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Tenants may lose their right to possession by failing to pay rent, violating the lease, violating the housing code, running a "drug-haven," or for certain other reasons recognized by the law. Cases can also be filed to evict trespassers, squatters, and others who do not have a legal right to possess the property. First in most cases a Notice to Correct and/or Vacate in English and Spanish, for cases brought against tenants for any reason, EXCEPT non-payment of rent cases and drug haven cases. A landlord may be required to give a tenant a notice to quit prior to filing a non-payment of rent case, but you are not required to bring it to court to file the lawsuit. If you are not sure whether you are required to serve a notice to quit, you should seek legal advice or information from a private attorney or the Landlord and Tenant Resource Center. DC can be complicated, you want to be sure that you are serving proper notice when the situation requires such and then you will need to file a Verified Complaint for Possession of Real Property with the clerk of court and if the case involves non-payment of rent, you will also want to file for a judgement. Most clerk of courts are happy to assist with paperwork but cannot give legal advice. GOOD LUCK!
In DC you must serve the tenant with a 30 day notice to quit or vacate in spanish and english.  It is a lot easier if you start putting in your lease that the Tenant waives all rights to a 30 day notice to quit or vacate.  I recently took a tenant to small claims court in DC for back rent, but took them to Landlord and Tenant court for the eviction.  I won two judgement's in small claims against the same Tenant, it went very well.  I like my strategy.  Good Luck?
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