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How to report a tenant to a collection agency

I  have a tenent that skipped out on leased property, left home trashed and was 4 months behind in rent. Any suggestions/advice on how to  recoup money for non-payment of rent through a collection agency?  Can additional fees be collected for the cleaning of the home if trashed. Pets were left behind and animal controlled was called. Any advice would be helpful.

You can tack on cleaning charges to the amount owed and try a collection agency... however I've never gone that route and I'm not sure collection agencies would actually take that type of collection. Attempting to collect on the damages/unpaid rent sounds like it would be hard in this case as he abandoned the property and probably left no forwarding address to actually try to start a court case. Unless you can do your own private investigator work to get that information you may have to hire a PI (again incurring additional costs) to get the information. My suggestion, they left and abandoned animals, try to get the ASPCA to go after him criminally (if the apartment/animals were in bad enough condition etc.) and if they go after the case you may be able to piggyback off the information they gather.
Please send me info about Tenant lif house like trash,never send letter to advise  there moving,last mount rent pay only $250.00 i want to report Dariela Torres tenant for 13 months to credit burou and send money own to colleccion agency
So other than people that are asking how to report a tenant to a collection agency  I don't see any actual answers. Please name a collection agency that would buy the debt from a lanlord because I am sure that's what the other two posts where about. Mary J.
Google RentBureau. It is owned by Experian Credit Bureau. You can also pay a fee of $12.95 at and they will report it for you. I hope this helps!
Thank you! I will give them a try, and post my results. mj
Let me know if that info worked, i would be very interested in using if for my tenants as well. They haven't paid for three months now. My court date is tomorrow, Monday.  Thanks, Kay-Marie
You may consult this issue to a collection agency.  You may visit our website for more info.
Hey Tina M,  Is Staffingdebt same company as BDH ?
Take them to small claims court. Get a judgement on them. You will still have a hard time collecting. But i did get lucky on one of my many I owe you's THEY OWED ME AND WERE SELLING A PROPERTY AND ESCROW PAID ME OR IT WOULD NOT SELL.
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