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Tenant in default

We have a tenant in default- lease started Dec 1, 2016 ends on November 30th, 2016 - she has not paid us the past due balance of $800.00 each for October and November, so she is $1,600.00 behind with 5 days left on her current lease - we told her that we would not renew her lease and she just told us she is not moving out.  She lost her job, and can not collect unemployment.  When we leased this unit to her it was under the condition that her and her daughter would move in as we felt that the combined income was sufficient to pay the rent. Her daughter signed the lease but never moved in, we just found that the daughter does not live there.  If anyone would have any suggestions we would appreciate it.

Call a lawyer! Make sure to cover yourselves.
I agree, maybe get a lawyer at this point. In Arizona, I would have sent the 5-day eviction notice right away and if tenant does not pay, go to court and file for eviction. I'm not familiar with this process myself as I've never had to evict anyone, but maybe a lawyer can do it for $500-$750. I would rather pay $750 than let her stay there for free...
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