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Laminate floors

I remodeled a home and installed new laminate floors. The only tenant living there for 2 and a half years has moved out and the floors are buckled/raised in sections of the master bedroom and one other bedroom. It is next to a window in both rooms. He says it's from a single mopping and normal wear and tear. Can I withhold his deposit or part of it for the repairs needed on the floor?

Although laminate is a fairly strong and long-life material, it still requires special attention. In case of improper cleaning, spots and stains may appear on the laminated surface, and abrasive particles of sand or aggressive detergents scratch it. You need to choose laminate care products that are suitable for this material. Can you advise a mop for laminate floors that won't scratch the floor?
In the future consider adding an addendum to the lease agreement stating how tenants should maintain the flooring (rug, laminate, etc), counter tops,cabinets, etc...... Consider inviting the flooring co to give you an estimate of repair and to include their determination on what might have caused the damage...... This info and pictures should help with justifying the sec.dpst deduction.
Laminate floors buckle when water is used to clean them.  I am currently dealing with this on one of my rentals.  Tenants up to the last tenant had no problem with the floors.  Now I need to replace it all because they used water to clean the floor.
I would investigate whether that was from single mopping, if so the floors were not very sturdy. If you find it is not from a mopping and feel they damaged the floors then i would try and deduct.
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