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Just found tenant that left owing $

I have just found the address of the tenant that I evicted last May owing approx $3,000 and did $$$$  damage on her way out. Malicious damage to windows and lights, and a cat who soiled everywhere, against lease.  I did not serve her with a final bill as she just disappeared. How do I proceed? I am in Las Vegas, Nevada Do I send her an itemized bill now? Do I go straight to small claims court? Can I bill her for the cost of eviction, notice serving etc? I have since sold the house, but sold it as a fixer. What is my time line? Thanks

Oooooohhhh, that made me so mad!!! i would definitely contact a lawyer on this one! ugh people are just awful.
We had a similar problem.  I took the tenant to small claims court and had a $4000.00 claim against her.  The problem is enforcing the claim.  Those kinds of people are slippery and do this type of activity on a regular basis.  Go to small claims court because it takes time but not money on your part.  Good luck.
Thanks Shane Any tips for small claims court. It will be Henderson, and I read I am supposed to list assets that can be used by the court. Thanks
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