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Long term tenants to deep clean?

Should they be expected to do a deep clean upon departure? If they don't should I charge them for it?

Did you put it in the lease that they have to deep clean upon moveout?  If not broom swept is the general standard.   I started adding that the tenants need to have the home and carpets professionally cleaned at move-out.  That way if something isn't done I can have the cleaners come out and fix it or if they don't have it cleaned I can hire the cleaners out of the deposit with out question.
Thanks for the reply.  No, it wasn't in the lease.  But now I'll consider those options (deep clean, carpets etc..) more closely.  I also realize I don't know how to gauge "normal wear and tear".  I guess we'll work it out mutually. I'm thinking about things like dings on corners that chip wall paint, broken slats on blinds, small things.
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