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Tenant will not leave.

Our tenant is on a Month to Month Lease. He was given notice in November that we were ending his lease. We gave him until January 15, 2021. He has been a troublesome Tenant for the last year. He is now texting us and saying he will be staying another month or longer. How do we Evict him?

I have a girlfriend that will not move out. He has been taking care of the house while I was in prison but we have no written agreement or lease. The house is in my name but the propane tank is in hers. What are my options?
The only option would be to go through the court as a hold over tenant and evict. You may wish to negotiate and maybe get lucky. I have heard of landlords who make a cash deal to get tenants to move out vs going through the court to evict. It can often take longer than 30 days in some states and it will cost you. In a pandemic there are back logs and it could take quite a bit longer.
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