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How long should I make my leases?

Hi. I'm a new landlord. How long should I make my leases? It seems like 1 year is the standard. Should I make them longer. It's a residential property.

One year with a one month security deposit is reasonable.
Message from Kevin, PA I use a 1 year lease and allow the lease to default to month to month. There are advanages and dis-advanages to the lease term for the Tenant and Landlord. For the Tenant is "locks" the rent amount, for the LL if they want to sell the property, it makes it have to evict.
I spoke with my attorney and he advised me to always do a month-to-motnh.  Our last tenant (great tenant) was with us for 3 years.  If you have a great tenant, they will stay.  If you have a uncooperative tenant, it's more difficult to get them out (legally).  Month -to-month gives you a better idea of the tenant.  At some point if you feel more positive about them, then you can extend a longer lease.  Hope this helps you.
I would agreee that one year is the norm, but certainly you could go longer. It really depends on your needs, and understand that the rent is set for a year once you sign. There are some forms in here that are helpful with this. I would be cautious of more than one year.
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