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NJ Mom owns home, niece rents apt, but behind in rent, very touchy problem

Can use some advise in Bergen County NJ. My mom owns a home and rents out 2nd floor to my niece.(Oldest sisters daughter) The problem is involved, she owes my mom about $4000.00 in back rent, but has given her post dated check, not sure how current to date. My mom is still of sound mind in her early 80's, but does not want us to say anything. One point is she is the daughter of the oldest daughter, and I heard my niece can be verbally abusive to my mom when no one is around. The point is my mom can use the money for home repairs and to pay taxes, and it's not there, So now she is dipping into the savings my late dad and her had. The question is can a family member become a property manager and take responsibility, or is there something we can do to help mom out. We are a family of 8 and yes some take sides.  As the youngest son, I'm looking to help my mom while I still have her.I have a lot of questions, and need some answers. If anyone can help with some insight. Thank You

Wow, sorry about your predicament. It must be very difficult. It seems as though the situation is very complicated as it does not just involve a landlord tenant matter but also some other issues, legal and personal. It seems to me that the advice of an attorney would be beneficial. There are not only estate issues but also power of attorney issues and more here. On the Landlord tenant issue,  I do not see that you can do anything without your mothers consent. Is there a Lease? I would talk to a professional because there are even greater issues here if your mother becomes ill and unble to handle her affairs. Good luck and I hope things work out for you.
This is a challenging problem, but I would agree not one that a lease in and of itself can resolve. I would strongly suggest an attorney. Best wishes.
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