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Evicting a suspected drug dealer from premises

Is it necessary to have solid proof before evicting a a suspected drug dealer from the property. The other tenants are complaining about the traffic in and out of the building. I want to evict this tenant but really do not know my rights? he probably has stronger rights than I do. PLEASE help!

Thank you Denise. Very helpful advice. Glad I asked.  Laurie A.
This is a touchy matter. You cannot take an action of eviction based on criminall accusations. But you can start steps towards eviction regarding a nuisance problem. Start by sending a warning letter of the noise resulting from the over-activity. Or, perhaps your tenants can call the police. This takes you out of the equation and once the authorities are notified, they may watch this person and you may see this "Criminal" tenant quiet down or if the police find evidence and arrest, you most likely may then evict under your state statutes for criminal activity.
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