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owner liability

How does the owner's liability insurance work for liability on renters or guests who are injured on the rental property. Renter's insurance normally just covers the tenant's personal property, correct? What if there is a pool or hot tub? trampoline? Even with an addendum, is the landlord liable?

A landlord should always carry really good property insurance including liability. Usually renters insurance is for the tenants personal property. But there are many gray area's with this. One could always try to have tenants sign releases and what not, but they do not always hold up.
Greetings, I posed the same question after this weekend riding by my rental proptery and noticing my trash bid was left on the side of my house instead of the backyard. My HOA is strick w/following rules & regulations, that happens to one of their favorite.(lol)  In attemping to briefly roll trash bid to backyard out of sight behind my 6-7 foot tall wood privacy fence, a pit bull dog who was not authorized 2 be there starts running towards me soon as I opened the gate door! Lucky 4 me I had coffee that morning & was alert in securing the gate door without incident.(mad but alive)  My question of LIABILITY is why I am not allowing pets. My local PD explained I am still liable 4 the actions or damages from that dog, if any! Also that most insurance companies will cancel your home policy if evidence an aggressive bread animal resides there.   **So it just depends on the individual renters or home insurance company policy as they do vary.** Good Luck!
Liability is a sticky issue. Ultimately when in dispute a judge will make the final decision. There are many things a landlord can do though to limit the effects. One such thing is to document everything. Notify your tenants that they have an unauthorized pet. Send it to them regular mail and Return Receipt. If you as the landlord ends up with fines, you may be able to force a tenant to pay them. Taking as much action as possible to change the situation is much better than ignoring it. Communicate, Correspond, Document!
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