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Property Manager

What can I do if Property Manager, in my opinion, hasn't done their job.

For residential management , a property manager can manage a property without a broker's license if they have a power of attorney agreement with the owner(s) of the property. The owners should be made aware that the property manager does not hold a broker's license.  In California any and ALL residential building that has more than 16 units is required to have a resident property manager on-site. There is no requirement that the manager is required to be licensed. That same manager can also do 'off-site' management for smaller buildings, and still not be required to be licensed. I hope this helps!
Fire them.. I had too,  I was not being told about any of the tenant's (minor) issues and therefore unable to resolve them. The tenant finally called and complained to me directly and I had to let the manager go..
does this software have a roommate agreement?
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