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Skunk & Raccoon???

Hopefully someone can help me. I have what I think is a skunk and a raccoon under my addition to my house. The house is rented and we have agreed to remove the animals via trap with a professional and re-fence the area so as to avoid this in the future. The tennant now claims that their personal property has been damaged from the odor of the skunk spray and is requesting replacement as well as professional cleaning of the interior of the house. Is that my responsibility or the renters?

soak all of the clothes in straight tomato juice. You can also wash everything down with it. This is kind of messy but it works.
Depending on your lease, a tenant usually is responsible for their own belongings. BUT....if a tenant believes that you are responsible, they can sue and the judge would make the final determination. Generally speaking, if neglect is suspected on the part of a landlord; then the landlord may be held as responsible. IF, however, you have a clause in the lease that urges or requires your tenant to obtain renters insurance; then the tenant does not have too much to stand on.
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