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Help with filling in NC Small Claims Court Eviction form?!?

Hi all, Anyone have experience completing the North Carolina Complaint in Summary Ejectment form? I've called a few lawyers and the $750 fee for them to handle it is just not doable for me, especially since I'm probably going to have to accept loss a few months rent not paid.  Thanks

I've never filed a North Carolina eviction, but I did look at that form, and it actually has a second page with detailed instructions on how to fill out the form. The form itself isn't as complex as it looks at first, it basically just asks for information about why you want to file eviction, and the fundamentals of tenant's name, address, etc. If you still have questions, you might take the incomplete form to the court where it needs to be filed and simply ask the clerk of the court for a hand.
Hi Brian, Thanks much for the reply. I called the Clerk of court and they were SOOO helpful. Form now filled in printed and ready to post. Just hope the small claims court and getting my apartment back goes as well.
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