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Section 8

I have prospective tenants that want to sign a separate agreement outside of their Section 8 agreement to pay the remaining amount of the rent that I'm asking. In other words, Section 8 only covers X and they want a separate agreement for the remaining $450. Has anyone ever dealt with that in MA? Am I being overly suspicious or is something fishy about this?

I used sec. 8 three months before the lease ends section 8 send me a notice for rent increase that I have to send in to them at lease 60 days. I have no problem getting the increase
The two persons who have had good experiences with section 8 are pretty lucky. I have had 4 section 8 tenants always trying to think the next tenant will be better, and no luck. I had one tenant who destroyed the house so bad that we incurred over $3000 to get it back into move in condition, and all section 8 said was "there is nothing we can do about it, you have to take them to civil court". None of my section 8 tenants have ever paid their portion of rent on time and I've always had to hunt them down just to ask what's going on. As far as fair market value, I don't know where they get their information from, but its always a lot lower than anywhere else I've checked! The guaranteed monthly payments sound good, but unfortunately I think the majority (because I don't believe its all) of the tenats are like this. Personally, I think it's not worth the headache, and I no longer rent to section 8.
Again, tenants actions are not linked to the Section 8 program.   If someone doesn't pay their portion of rent on time it has nothing to do with the section 8 program.   These people are using a program as a scape goat for them choosing irresponsible tenants.   Section 8 DOES allow for increases in rent when the market determines such increases are warranted.    If you are stupid enough to continue renting to someone who is not paying their portion of the rent, or has been terminated from the Section 8 program thus you aren't getting paid, etc. that is your own stupidity.      Again, Section 8 is simply a program that helps people pay a portion of their rent.   The program itself is not the problem, its who YOU as a landlord choose to rent to.
My husband and I just started last year in December with a section 8 tenant. So far so good, the house is maintained and she pays her portion of the rent on time, but she nit picks at everything where it got to the point where my husband was coming over to the house every weekend because she had a problem with something that she wanted changed or did not like. Pretty much petty minor things.   We really had to put our foot down with her because majority of these section 8 tenants think that they can just run all over you. We haven't really had any other major problems with her. Like previous poster said you take a gamble with any tenant whether they are section 8 or not.   Since this is our first section 8  tenant we are looking to see how this year goes if we want to continue or not. You not only have to deal with the tenant, but with the county as well in regards to inspections etc. Good luck with your decision and keep us posted on what you decide.
I'm not sure why Section 8 renters are being bashed. If LL would do proper screening, have a signed agreement, and collect  rent/deposits before turning over the keys, a lot of problem would be eliminated. Instead, some LL are influenced by promises and having a renter NOW! You're better off keeping the property vacant a little longer vs rushing to fill a vacancy. That's economically better than having to evict a tenant who has not payed rent for several months, not to mention expenses to have them removed and your time.
I have to agree with TK also. I have not had any problems with sec 8 tenants. My dad has had rental units for over 30 yrs and he loves sec 8. I guess it might depend on the housing office you deal with. It seems in my town the sec 8 tenants are affraid of losing there assistance so they always seem to be on their best. I keep my units in good shape but they are not in great shape and I have no problems passing inspection. Keep in mind though this is not cash and every penny should be reported to Uncle Sam.
I specialize in renting to Section 8 tenants.  They have been the best tenants. I only had one experience; the tenant did not want me to do work in the house. She had people living in the house that was not on the lease.  That did not bother me; she had some issues.  The other tenants pay on time and keep the house in order and fix the house up by replacing tile on the floor and keeping the yards up.  I rentend to a non section 8 tenant and she did worse.  She had a salary over $100,000.
I have a section 8 tenant who is 5 months behind on her portion of the rent. I can’t evict her because it’s winter time.  Does anyone have any suggestions of advice?
I'm not sure what you mean by "I can’t evict her because it’s winter time." Send tenant (and Housing a copy) a Notice to pay or Quit. Usually those on Housing have other resources (excluding you) to help with the rent. More than likely, Housing will contact them and inform them that if they don't pay, they will loss their subsidy if they have to move. If Housing rules are the same across the USA, they will make up the difference. There is no reason a LL should wait 5 months before demanding rent payment. Keep us posted.
As a new LL, I opted to rent to a Section 8 without reading the S.8 contract closely. I assumed my own private lease agreement with the tenant was still intact but the S.8 contract has a clause which gives the S.8. contract primacy in case of conflict.  So, my lease which stated the tenant was responsible for the elect.bill was trumped by S.8's which said the LL was.  As a result, the tenant is now abusing and running up the elect. bill even more after I informed him I wouldn't be renewing the lease.
Well about to start my first one and hope that this person will work out. I tried a person who not on Section * and they worn up thnigs too. So I guess any renter you get is a risk at best. I don't have my own lease agreement and will inspect my house on a regularly bases so hopefully I will stay on top it. I want allow myself to get caught in the sad stories. mtn
did it only once.. never again.  The house was totally trashed...and section 8 doesn't pay damages..or allow me to have a damage deposit on the tenant.    That was the real problem... NO DAMAGE DEPOSIT. any other tenant ..I had 2 months of deposit... section 8..nothing.  NEVER AGAIN  once was more than enough
You have the right to ask for a rent that is reasonable and comparable to similar unassisted private market apartments in the same building and neighborhood. The BHA may not approve a higher rent for an apartment if similar apartments in the building are charged lower rents or if similar apartments in the neighborhood are charged lower rents.
I'm becoming a new LL, with section 8, I am in the process of doing my own contact. I just found out that I would be getting a 1099 form at the end of the year. The young lady is trying to rush me into telling her how much will she be paying. I'm making sure I dot all I's & cross all T's. I can use all the advice anyone have to offer. L TX
Its hard if not impossible to evict a section 8 Think it over carefully
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