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Tenant with poor credit?

Tenant has a poor credit score but all else checks out.  Looks like her credit score was damaged because of astronomical amount of student loans (med school).  She willing to pay fifty dollars per month more than I'm asking, first month, last month, and full security deposit. I'm tempted to sign her to a 6 month lease that would serve as a probationary period then if all is well drop the rent back down to normal price and re-sign her for a year. Does this sound reasonable?

Sign up for a service like and require him to sign up for AUTOMATIC rent pay with a credit card. That way you get payed right away and it is his responsability to pay the credit card.
Yeah... she's got pay stubs, and I'm going to check her references as to her rental and payment history. The real question is;  are my terms from the above post reasonable?
Have you received copies of her paychecks? Is there a reason she was unable to pay for these outstanding bills? Can she prove to you that she has paid rent on time before?
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