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30 day evicition notice for non-pmt

my tenant is 2 months behind in rent and still owes on the security deposit. They have failed to keep the arrangements we agreed upon in regards to making payments. I have just sent them a 30-day notice to move due to breach of contract. If I recieve a check (that clears) for the full amount due, do I have to legally reverse the 30 day notice to move? I know they will continue to be late in the future. Thank you

If they give you a check than you can send them a 30 day notice from that date.
I'm not sure why you gave them a 30 day notice. A 3-day Notice to Pay or Quit would have been more appropriate. I believe now that you gave them 30 days to pay or move you'll have to wait until the 30 days are up before serving them with a 3-day Notice if they don't pay what is due. Consider hiring an agency to serve them with the 3-day. The paperwork MUST be completed and served properly. It should cost about $30-$40 for the service.
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