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Have a tenant 2months past due rent..

Tenant has 2months on past due rent due, tenant lost hours on there job,  lease ends in Nov., have sent written notice 30days before it ends that I will not be renewing there lease. Should I just evict them or just have a collection agency try to recover monies lost?

Time to cut your losses. There is no reason to wait 3 more weeks to see if they're going to move. I agree with Debra....send them a 3-days notice. The only concern here is you sending them a 30 day notice. Not sure if you can now send a 3-day notice. As far as collecting back rent....good luck. Taking them to court will place a "ding" on their record, at best.
It might be a good time to get a Lawyer free consultation
Have sent them notice that I am not renewing. I gave the 45 days to leave. They stop paying the rent. Can I sent them a 3day?[ they are 2months past due]
In my case i have tenants do the same thing its better if you give them a 3 day notice to pay or quit.  If they dont pay file a report to the court for eviction.
They are not out yet, I know it is not your problem but these people are going to have to come up with first and last at there new residence more then likely , you better hope they move.I have seen people stay until a court order moves them out,
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