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how to report bad tenant to credit report

Got rid of wacko tenant,She is a pro atbreaking leases. She suddenly developed roaches(none were the e before) I treated for them they dissappeared and she still claimed they were there (Not there exterminator checked) Threatened to sue me and basically got a cheap summer rental out of me for year round rate. How can I let others know to be careful. She did his before

yOU GOT TO BE CAREFUL ON WHAT YOU DO AND WHAT YOU SAY ABOUT A TENANT, When you take a tenant to court it automatically goes on there credit report, there are web sites  that have what you are looking at like dead-beat data base .
If you are signed up with a screening company, they usually have a move in and move out form to complete give you the option of checking off at moveout on there rental history with you. Good, bad, eviction, damage, pets, etc. I am with the National Tenant Network.  If you join one of the screening networks, then other landlords such as myself can get accurate data when screening applicants.
did not bother taking to court. Just let her walk it would have cost too much in legal fees. Nj law is pro tenant. You really have to watch youself. Especially with someone with past psychological  substance abuse issues.I just feel really bad for the landlord she moved to.In reality I am proably lucky I lost 2 months, and deposit, and had to refurb.She brought in pets that defecated all over. Lengthy legal stuff is more costly. Oh and I have a lovely property in a resort area. Live and learn just wanted to alert others as she has done this before
B.W., sounds like the same wacko tenant i had a few years ago in NJ. She broke every appliance in the house, plugged up the toilets til the septic system broke, called the health department and tried to sue me. What she really wanted was a way to sue somebody and make some money. Thank God I got rid of her! Her first name was Linda.
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