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how to report bad tenant to credit report

Got rid of wacko tenant,She is a pro atbreaking leases. She suddenly developed roaches(none were the e before) I treated for them they dissappeared and she still claimed they were there (Not there exterminator checked) Threatened to sue me and basically got a cheap summer rental out of me for year round rate. How can I let others know to be careful. She did his before

yOU GOT TO BE CAREFUL ON WHAT YOU DO AND WHAT YOU SAY ABOUT A TENANT, When you take a tenant to court it automatically goes on there credit report, there are web sites  that have what you are looking at like dead-beat data base .
If you are signed up with a screening company, they usually have a move in and move out form to complete give you the option of checking off at moveout on there rental history with you. Good, bad, eviction, damage, pets, etc. I am with the National Tenant Network.  If you join one of the screening networks, then other landlords such as myself can get accurate data when screening applicants.

Firstly, you need to ensure that you have legal grounds to report the tenant's behavior to a credit bureau. If the tenant has failed to pay rent or has caused damage to the rental property, you may be able to report this to the credit bureau.

To report the tenant's behavior to the credit bureau, you should contact the major credit reporting agencies such as Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. You will need to provide them with evidence of the tenant's bad behavior, such as a copy of a court judgment or an eviction notice.

It's important to note that credit reporting agencies have their own guidelines and requirements for reporting information to credit reports, and not all negative information may be accepted. Additionally, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) regulates the accuracy and privacy of consumer credit reports, so you should ensure that you comply with the FCRA's requirements when reporting the tenant's behavior.

It may be a good idea to consult with a credit reporting agency to ensure that you follow the correct procedure and meet the necessary requirements to report a bad tenant to a credit report.

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did not bother taking to court. Just let her walk it would have cost too much in legal fees. Nj law is pro tenant. You really have to watch youself. Especially with someone with past psychological  substance abuse issues.I just feel really bad for the landlord she moved to.In reality I am proably lucky I lost 2 months, and deposit, and had to refurb.She brought in pets that defecated all over. Lengthy legal stuff is more costly. Oh and I have a lovely property in a resort area. Live and learn just wanted to alert others as she has done this before
I’d like to warn fellow landlords about Sherika Michelle Hampton. She’s 30 years old and drives a Toyota Corolla. I trusted her. She charmed into believing she was a Christian, therefore I unwisely did not write a lease. She first gave me a $300 deposit and moved in. She was supposed to give me 2 months up front rent and never did. She asked to borrow my CBD and used it all without asking. She then demanded I buy her another. I told her she could borrowed my disabled little girls TV everyday when she’s done on a night. I told her I’d give it to her when I could get my daughter a bigger one. When I asked for it for my daughter she became infuriated. This is when the bullying started. She’d come into the kitchen and get close, glaring to intimidate me. Shed stand over me whilst I’m carpet shampooing my daughters rug, during the day. She took my wet laundry out and dumped it on my dry. She refuses to clean, do her dishes or make her bed. She doesn’t pay rent, pay utilities, damages property with pink hair dye , steals my daughters food to provoke me, uses my laundry detergent and toilet roll, yells and threatens, gets angry by my daughter making noise, parks in the center of my driveway so I can’t park with enough room to get ny special needs child out of the car. She has a history of domestic violence, which she admitted and recently come from jail. I specifically said no overnight guests. She admitted being a lesbian, but lied about it, fully knowing I’m a Christian. She invited her girlfriend over. I confronted her and she said the police said she couldn’t. They took out my light bulbs and turned some of the power off to mess with me. She stole my keys and locked her door. She tampered with my smoke detector and went against my wall smoking. She’s frightening and takes over your home. She doesn’t respect your property and brok a flower pot without acknowledging it, grapes in mud and stains your bathroom with hot pink dye. She’s supposedly working 7 days a week, but spends most of the day in her room. She’s rude and doesn’t acknowledge me when I say good morning or hey. Initially she did, until she didn’t get her way. I felt afraid and trapped in my own home. I finally threatened eviction and she said she was leaving 5 days later. I hope she does. This woman was saying she doesn’t have money, yet driving a nice car, getting false eyelashes and frauding the Government with food stamps. This woman is an abusive squatter and not a renter. You’ll regret it a few days after your decision.
B.W., sounds like the same wacko tenant i had a few years ago in NJ. She broke every appliance in the house, plugged up the toilets til the septic system broke, called the health department and tried to sue me. What she really wanted was a way to sue somebody and make some money. Thank God I got rid of her! Her first name was Linda.
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