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Question on rent increase notice!

I understand that on a month-to-month lease agreement a landlord can raise rent every month with a 30 day notice.  My question is; do notice have to be hand wirtten or can I use mircosoft word and print it?  I also know I should deliver it in-person or certified mail allowing additional 5 days.   Thanks Steven R.

There are no statutes that demand that a notice such as this should be only typed. Therefore, hand-written would be fine. The delivery, however is important. I usually mail first class, as well as certified-return receipt requested PLUS make at least three attempts at hand delivering (I alsways get a signature of whom I delivered the notice to and make sure it is an adult.). I keep track of the times and dates of my attempts. In PA, as long as you prove that you have made every attempt to serve notice, then it is considered served. SO this way a tenant cannot say the inevitable "I never got it". I also provide an area for the tenant to either check that they agree to the rental increase or that they are moving and follow up with them. Hope this helps!
thank you very much Helen, i have also added the check box on the letter. Do I need to get it notarized or not? I would think not. but do I.Thanks again Helen for your quick reply....
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