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Buying a foreclosure in Oregon - tenant help in re notice

As part of the loan conditions I have to occupy, which I intended to do anyway. All units are full. Since foreclosure, no one has been paying rent. I want to keep all the tenants except one set. How much time must I give them to move? I have heard 30 days and 90 days. I know I cannot serve any notices/collect any rent until I totally take possession.

Federal law now allows a 90 day notice to the tenant after foreclosure sale. In the case of a written tenancy, the tenant is entitled to occupy the property through the end of the fixed lease period. Exception: If a property is sold to a purchaser who intends to live in the home as a primary residence, only 90 days notice is required.
This varies from state to state.  Check with the Oregon State Attorney General's office.   In Wa only 21 day free rent then out... But law may have changed.... Be careful
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