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Changing property managers -- issues with tenant's lease

Hi all,  I am trying to change property managers and currently have a tenant in my property.  On the tenant's lease, it lists as the agent the current one with all his information.  This property manager also signed the lease, as the agent.  My question is, when we hire a new property manager, do we need to do a new lease with the tenant, since the old manager's information and signatures are listed?  If not, what are the protocols to follow with the tenant, if any, in this case?  Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.

I also have a question in regards to changing property management. I am not satisfied with the p manager. Currently have a tenant that just moved in for 1 year lease.  Would like to hire another property manager. Need to know if all I have to do is send the tenant a notice of change in management, etc.
You do not need a whole new lease, you just need to send the tenant a notice of change in management, with new contact information, instructions for paying the rent, etc.
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