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air conditioners

I have several single family homes that I have been renting over the past 18 years. One of my biggest big ticket repair items is the air conditioner unit. In my area is  100 degrees plus over half the summer and in the mid to high 90's the rest of the time. Needless to say the air compressor is running 24X7 for 3-4 months. As you can imagine this puts a lot of hours on my units and consequently  break down. I have paid the full repairs in the past but am I wrong in thinking that the tenant should bear some if not all of the repairs? Please let me know what the standard is in the industry. Thank you Greg

Look up your laws on raising rent, if it were me I would raise rent so you can cover the expenses for the always running air conditioner.
In your lease, you can stipulate that tenant is responsible for repairing of air-conditioner. But, before  include this obligation into the lease, talk it over with your renters in order to avoid misunderstandings in feature. Unfortunately, not all tenants read the agreement carefully before they sign it.
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