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Property Management Software

Can anyone recommend a Property Management Software that is inexpensive and easy to use -- is there such a thing??  Thanks

Hi I am not sure if it will work for you, but I find Tenant Cloud very user-friendly and better yet it is free. See if it is something that will work for you.
Thank you I will check it out
Property management Software helps landlords and property managers to manage rental business. There are many softwares available in the market. But I like tenantfile software which is esay to use and inexpensive. Earlier i hired a manager to manage my property. Then some one suggest me to try this tenantfile tool. I am using this tool from 15 years ago.. Tenantfile is all-in-one powerful Desktop Property Management Software. This tool has so many features like data backup, auto profits and expenses calculations, secure access, internal mailing system, reminders etc.  I am very satisfied with that software. I suggest you to try this simple and best software. You can also try sample program before purchasing the actual one by visiting
Online property management software allows landlords and property managers to run their business effortlessly. It tracks tenants, communicating with existing tenants and gives a transparent view to your property management business. We created takrents property management software to help small and medium-sized business organizations to improve their business workflow. It will save your lot of money and time, which you have wasted to maintain your paper records. So we recommend you to try our software. It will definitely help you to give a better view of your business.
We use for rent collection.  Not sure exactly what you're looking for.
Scan-N-Track Mobile Application  is am amazing app for Property Management .As a Property Manager you will create a Scanner code (QR code) for Service Request from the Scan-N-Track application.  The Scanner Code also allows you to set a SNTUID(Scan-n-track Unique id)     Details can be found here:
Just saw this question. is free and pretty simple to use.  The income and expense items it uses is based on the schedule E of form 1040, so it's good for landlords.
Property Management Software makes it effortless for small to mid-sized landlords to collect rent, manage leases, and maintain tenants online. Looking to develop for your business? Let's connect.
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