Pro account holders have the ability to create State-Specific Leases for their documents that comply with state laws. This comprehensive lease includes everything from tenants and Lease terms, to addendums and sections for your own custom text. Pro account holders also have access to ezSign leases, storing a legally binding copy signed by the tenants. They can create custom documents and save copies of the documents they have shared with tenants.

Free account holders have access to a 2-page basic lease, which is not State Specific. Free accounts allow users to print any of our free forms using our free resources (such as the Landlord Forum, our directory of Real Estate Investing Clubs, our Real Estate Investing Articles Library, and much more), test drives our Pro documents, and preview our Pro forms. Pro accounts allow users to print or email our Pro forms, in addition to our free forms. With a Pro account, ezCloud storage allows you to store all of your information so you never lose anything. You will be able to retrieve copies of older forms and download already created documents.