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Unwanted tenants

So I am the boyfriend of the granddaughter who used to stay in her family's home in Richmond Beach washington it was actually homesteaded in their family. She was dating this guy who was a pretty unsavory character and well he let this family move into a fifth wheel on the property and once they moved in they started to basically bully the granddaughter out of her house because the boyfriend was in jail.After she left for a couple days to let things cool down and figure out a solution to this problem she came back to her whole entire room moved out into the back yard and lied to the grandfather telling him that she told them to call him and see if they could set up a month to month lease for which they only paid $200 and that was it this was 3 years ago right before COVID hit and the rent moratorium so they have been staying their rent free for that long and the grandfather is bed ridden and the granddaughter is trying to get the house back does anyone know how to go about doing this the quickest way possible???

I don't know what state this property is located at, but you should know your state laws regarding your rights and theirs. Clearly your grandfather was taken advantage and they knew it. Waiting 3 years to try and attempt to reclaim the property also didn't help this situation. I don't know your grandfathers age or mental status but depending on the state you are in you should contact elder abuse because he was taken advantage of and robbed of his home. A lot of lawyers will do Pro Bono work (For Free). Try contacting a lawyer that will speak to you on the phone or give you an appointment free to discuss this situation. This lawyer may be able to advise you on what to do now. Also, a sharp property manager may be able to help you if you want to rent this place out. Last scenario if you are unable to get anywhere put the property up for sale. Let the Realtor know you need his help to remove them. Best of Luck to you. 


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