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How to evict on things other than non payment- is it possible?


I'm in Indiana. Is it possible to evict on items other than non paymetn of rent? Has anyone in Indiana tried to evict someone on reasons other than non-payment of rent? I accepted a tenant that seemed normal initially then the day I gave the keys, the small talk made me second guess my decision. I think they brought roaches. I can't prove it. I think her car was reprocessed. No documents. Now the tenant called stating, the refrigerator is bad because it's making their food bad which is making them sick, miss work, and now their  check is half of what it was when they started working there. Claims I need to change the filter. It's just a top and bottom, no ice maker Chrome refrigerator less than 5 years old. NO ice maker so no filter. They are from another state and moved in August. I think they may be short on the rent and want a scapegoat. I know the fridge is fine unless she has tapered with it. I'm just thinking how I can evict her before she tears the place up and says it was given to her like that. Any suggestions? I have a repair coming to check the refrigerator next week. IT has been working fine. I just need it in writing in case I go to court.

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