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Applicant has felony on his record

I am in Minnesota.  Is it legal for me as a landlord to reject an applicant that has a felony on his record?  I don't know what the felony is for yet.  He called and asked if it would be a problem.

Yes it is legal to reject an applicant based on criminal history, as criminals are not a "protected class" according to the Fair Housing Act. I would find out what the felony was though, before just rejecting the applicant outright, as they may prove a great tenant otherwise. (As a side anecdote, I was just listening to a guy the other day who makes a great living by renting his properties to rehabilitated ex-cons who are setting up a new life for themselves.)
Thank you Brian!
I rented a house to a parolee (DUI.)  He was a great tenant right up to the time Drug Task Force raided him and the house.  I will never rent to a convict again.
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