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Deductions from Security Deposits for damages (Florida)

I have complied with sending the certified notice of intent to deduct for damages.   The tenant does not agree with the amount withheld.   What documenation or proof will I need to supply, to substantiate the amounts  I''m withholding?   Will I need to have written proposals or receipts?   

I was looking for info today as well for FL.  Tenant broke lease and I have rented, but she keeps calling about security deposit.  Found this site - good info.  It's a  breakdown of costs for repair/damages.  Hope this helps!  BTW - take pics if you can (or haven't) - tenant called again today and I told her letter and pics will arrive next week.  According to the charges on following link, she OWES ME a lot of $ - but we won't go there - part of being a landlord...I am happy she is gone.
Thank you, PK!  I will be adding the Settlement Charges Guide as an attachment to ALL my future leases.   It is a great tool and exactly what I needed!
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