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Eviction Process after trial

I just won a judgment for an eviction of one of my tenants, but don't know what the next steps are.  Do I need to wait for a declaration or something in the mail so that I can take that form to the Sheriffs?  I'm confused on what my next steps are.  If anyone can help, I'll appreciate it.  thank you
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When the court decides in favor of the landlord, the court will issue a writ of possession. The writ of possession orders the sheriff to remove the tenant from the rental unit, but gives the tenant five days from the date that the writ is served to leave voluntarily. If the tenant does not leave by the end of the fifth day, the writ of possession authorizes the sheriff to physically remove and lock the tenant out, and seize (take) the tenant's belongings that have been left in the rental unit. The landlord is not entitled to possession of the rental unit until after the sheriff has removed the tenant.   Contact your local court and check to see what you need to do to get this "writ".    
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