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How to report eviction to credit/background reports in PA

I evicted a tenant in April 2010, she vacated before court and never paid the last months rent. I was awarded the security deposit and the last months rent. she never paid the monies owed. She did 3000.00 in damage to the apartment, she left it cockroach infested and i had to gut the kitchen and bathroom to ensure the re infestation would not occur. there were roaches in EVERYTHING, i have photos. 1525 in materials and 1325 in labor was my cost to get the apartment back to to some order and it still isnt as nice as it was. the hardwood is ruined the brand new carpet laid in May 2009 for her June 1 2009 move in.  How can I report this on her credit report to protect others?

First of all, I would make sure that the judgement you were awarded is recorded. This way it will show up in an eviction or credit check. It is also very difficult to get a mortgage when a judgement appears on your credit report. I have gotten people to pay back who owed me years ago because of this. Document the damamges and file another law suit for the damages as permitted in your state.
Thank you. I will file another small claim up to the amount permissible by law in PA.
In order to report to the Credit Bureau, you will have to hire a company that is registred with the Credit Bureau.  Google,  Credit Reporting Agencies.
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