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late rent problem

I have a family living in my rental house, I did run a background check on the individuals that are living there.  The main problem is, is that I was under a different impression when I let them move in and that they had school loans to assist them out until his girlfriend could get a job.  Well, she got a job but now this is the second month ( and they've only lived there for 3 months) that they are really late with rent.  They just paid yesterday for the remaining for october they owed and now they only have less than half of the rent for november and it's almost december 1st and the rent will be due again.  I think I've been patient and I guess maybe too nice, but I can't do it anymore, and I need to know exactly what steps I need to take and when.  Now also yesterday they told me they need to move out of state in March, and the lease they signed is to be in the rental property until next September.  Please help!  Legally I need to have them leave the property.
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In Minnesota, An eviction action may be filed against a tenant for failing to pay rent when due. The tenant may redeem the tenancy at any time before possession of the premises has been delivered to the landlord by paying past due rent, costs of the eviction action, including the court filing fee, and other requirements under the lease.
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