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Abandoned property

I live in the state of Tennessee.  My husband's brother-in-law had lived in our rental house for 4 years, and  only paying  rent for an average of one and half years.  His daughter lived with him until the last two months of his residency  there, at which time she had moved in with her boyfriend.  His brother in-law moved out Nov. 30, 2010.  The power to this residence was turned off for non-payment on 10-21-10.  My husband and I wrote up an agreement with his niece on 12-1-10 that she would stay in the house a minimum of one night a week, start cleaning it up and removing the contents her father left which she claimed.  We had the power and water turned on in our name and was allowing her to stay there and keep her son one night a week, which she does not have custody of and can not keep overnight at her boyfriends.  His niece agreed to all the above mentioned and was to immediately start cleaning out rooms so that we could go in and start cleaning up, painting and fixing up to rent.  This agreement was to expire if rules were not  followed and she was to have everything out by 2-1-11.  Eleven days later, we finally contacted her at her job, as she would not answer or return our phone calls.  She has not lived up to any of the agreement except for removing the cat.  My husband told her today that she had until this weekend to get what belongings she wanted out and we would be picking up her key.  My question is, do we have to go through the eviction process, hold the contents of the house (which she signed that if terms were broken or at the end of 2 month agreement, became ours to dispose of as we saw fit) or give her additional time?  She signed that she would be out in 48 hrs. if agreement was broken or by 2-1-11.  Being fair, he has given her 6 days to complete this transaction.  Sorry to ramble on, I just need legal help on what our options are.  Thanks in advance for your assistance in this matter.
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