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Our tenants decided to stop paying rent in my house in NH.  We are going through the process of eviction but meanwhile we are running out of funds and it looks like we are going to have to foreclose on our house before we can get them out.  We will still go through the eviction process until the bank takes over but do we have the right to go in and take back our NEW washer and dryer?  I know we can't take other appliances while she is living there but I would like some things back to sell.  Just doesn't seem right she gets to keep using all my things for free and I have to lose them to the bank along with my credit.
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The good news is that it takes longer to foreclose than it does to evict. Get them out as quickly as possible, and you might even have time to sign a new lease agreement with a new tenant (don't worry, they're protected by law and are given plenty of time post-foreclosure to find a new home). Also, you only have to leave the washer and dryer in there if your lease stipulates that they are included in the rental property.
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