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Month to  month lease

Tennant paid dep. to hold until Dec 01, 2010  Dec. 01 moved in and only came up with part of rent. Gave her a late notice on the 3th of Dec.  She paid the rest of the months rent on Dec. 5th and gave us a notice she could not afford the rent and would be out by the 31st.  Can you charge her for loss of rent or any advertising to re rent ?
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In Idaho: A tenant can end a lease before the end of the lease term if the agreement contains a termination clause, the landlord violates the terms of the agreement or the landlord agrees to release the tenant. Otherwise the term of the lease is binding. If the lease is a month-to-month tenancy, either party may end the lease with at least a month’s advance written notice to the other party unless the landlord otherwise agrees. Sometimes landlords will permit a termination date other than the last day of the tenancy if enough notice is provided. Notice should be in writing and handed to the landlord or sent certified mail. If the tenant breaks the lease unlawfully, the tenant could be forced to pay the landlord for the lost rent and for the costs of re-renting the property. The landlord must re-rent the property as soon as possible at a reasonable price to limit any monetary losses.
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