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Writ of Possession

My tenant did not show up for court for the eviction hearing. The judge ordered her out in 10 days. He said if she is not out by then to get a writ of possession to have her removed. I think she is crazy enough to still be at my property by that time. Will the police physically remove her the same day we give them the writ? Do we get to keep any belongings in the house as of that day until she pays what the judge ordered in rent and fees?I am in the state of TN and can't seem to find the answers I need through researching the internet.
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In TENN:  Writ of Possession Once a landlord files for a Writ of Possession and after the 10-day appeal period is over then the writ gives possession of the residence back to the landlord. A tenant will be made to leave by a sheriff and all tenant property is removed from the residence.    
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