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Who do I go after for back rent?

I made the mistake of renting a mobile home on our ranch to a close friend and her domestic associate. ( No written lease, just a handshake deal.)  She stays here with her minor daughter, he works out of town and has only been here a few days in 3+ monthes.  He is the one who always paid the rent.  From the get go, they have refused to follow the rules (keeping gates locked, giving gate keys to boyfriends, flying up and down the driveway, moving other people in, dog in the house, etc.)  January 12, I gave them written notice to either conform or get off the place.  She said she would be out by the first (5 days ago.)  January 31, I posted a 3 day Notice to Vacate from the JP's office.  They split up, he moved his things and horses out, she and the daughter stayed. Her and the daughter are in the process of moving out but are still here.  Rent was due January 28 and the boyfriend said he would pay.  Needless to say, I still have not gotten the rent.  My question is, do I go after him, her or both of them in JP Court?  
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Both of them. Your best hope is to get a judgment against each of them, and one day in a year or two one of them will actually need to look good on paper and will have to pay their back judgments, at which time they'll contact you for a payoff amount and you collect your money.
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