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Re:  Non Payment of rent and Illegal unit shut down

I have a shop on my property that I had converted into a living space.  This was not permited and is now been investigated by the town I live in.  They are very nice and ask that I evict the tenant and then I have to pay to have the unit put back to original state with no living space.  I sent this tenant a certified eviction notice and never received the receipt from her.  She will not respond to phone calls or emails so I don't know what she plans on doing.  There is no rental contract or deposit of any kind.  She was a friend that has taken advantage of my kindness and I want this to end.  She never paid rent for January or February and is living there for free.  I have a few more days before the eviction notice is final and need to now the next step.  I don't have money to put into a lawyer I just need to get rid of her.
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If you've already given her an eviction notice, it's now time to file for eviction in rent court. There's an article on this site breaking down the eviction process, give it a read.
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