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asking one roommate to leave because others want her out?

In a nutshell, I live in a 4 BR townhouse in Virginia and rent out the 3 other rooms. One of my tenants just doesn't get along with the other two and they have asked me to ask her to leave. They claim her boyfriend makes them feel uncomfortable and her general lack of courtesty contributes to a stressful living situation. In all other respects she is a decent tenant.  The others have basically said it is either her or them and as the Landlord I would prefer they be the ones to stay.   I am hoping that she and I can come to a friendly agreement but in the event that she refuses is there anyting else I can do?
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If her lease term has not yet expired, then you can't make her leave unless she violates the lease agreement in some way. If she's on a month-to-month lease agreement, you can give her notice that you will not be renewing her lease, and that she has 30 or 60 days to find a new place. If she fails to vacate, you can file for eviction.
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