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Help evicting live-in girlfriend in Nevada

Just over a year ago I purchased my first house, solely in my name. My girlfriend moved in with me, and we had an agreement that she would get a job and contribute to the household expenses, and more importantly that she would pay her own. She is a college student that was working when we met.  She has had a substance abuse problem in the past, and has relapsed. Since she has moved in she has NEVER contributed a dime to the household, and the only thing that links her name to my residence is the fact that we simply transferred over two of the three utilites from her old apartment to my house. Those currently remain in her name.   The problem lies with her substance abuse. She pawns all of her things in an effort to get money to buy drugs. She steals money from me to buy drugs. She was recently able to get a job, but was fired within two weeks for stealing, presumably to get money to buy more drugs.   When I have confronted her, it has come to the point of nearly a physical altercation. I have no interest in spending the night in jail for defending myself against an attack.  I need her out of my house as soon as possible without exposing myself to unnecessary risk. I strongly believe that if I serve her with a 30 day notice, as it appears as though I am required, that I will return from work one day to find EVERYTHING gone in my home.   Could anyone give me the best advice on how to proceed with this debacle?
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