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Notice to Show Property

I have a tenant whose lease is up in November.  I have already contacted them about confirming this and was hit with a ton of issues.  They are stating that when they signed the lease, I "orally agreed" to allow them to go month to month after their lease expired - I remember it very differently.  Now they are saying they will not allow me access my property to show it for potential renters!  I stated I would work with them on times, etc., but now we are at a stand still.  They claimed to have "fixed" things that have gone wrong - yet NEVER contacted me, which is required per their lease.  What are my options now? I told them under no circumstances, after having this conversation, would I allow them to extend their lease.  I believe the State of IL only a 24 hours notice to access my property - what I am accessing it for is none of their business.  Since they said they have fixed things in my home without my consent or without telling me, isn't this a violation per the Lease?  Can I begin eviction NOW based on this?  

First, you should really review your lease .  Tenant may not alter rental unit without landlords approval. The must keep is clean and undamaged and are responsible for any damages beyond normal wear and tear.  If the lease states that you will go month to month after a year - you have to follow the lease. You do not have to follow if it was word of mouth.  If you are evicting due to violating a provision in the lease, you must give tenants a 10-day notice. If they remain in the rental unit after eviction notive, you can file a lawsuit to evict them.
Thanks John.  Reviewed Lease and I am correct.  Lease also states I may show property for inspection, repair or to show for future rental/sale.  However, I decided to go the safe route and hire an attorney.  I guess this is one of the many pitfalls when dealing with certain renters - I know all will be okay one way or another.  
If you are correct, just remind the tenant of the move out date in writing. If they don't appear to be packing at the start of November, I would then have a lawyer to write a more formal letter. Until then, I think you're wasting your money by hiring a lawyer. I don't think anything can be done legally until they stay beyond the lease anyway? I'm not a lawyer but I did have renters that expected their lease renewed and tried to give me a bunch of crap when I wouldn't agree to new terms. They promptly moved out at the end of the lease. Unless of course you want to evict because of the repair issue but that can be costly and time consuming...
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