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New to Landlord business

Hello,  I just purchased a duplex, I live in one side and inherited a renter in the other side.  Her lease expired the month prior to my purchase and she has asked prior owner to lease on month to month basis.  I advised her that situation would work for me also but, I need her to sign a month to month lease with me since I am the new owner.  She has not complied and is now 9 days late paying her rent.  My first month as a landlord and I have to get mean!  Since I live next door to her, is it legal to question her about the rent when our paths cross comming and going from home or is that considered "interferring with her rights"?  An apartment complex I used to manage had me send a 7 day notice the first day a tenant was late.  Can I do that also?   Thanks, Ruby from Michigan
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Serve her with an eviction notice, and file for eviction. No use in harassing her about the rent, either she pays it to stay in the rental unit, or she doesn't and is evicted.
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